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DROID-3 can play one note at the time and has a four note arpeggio buffer. The sound origins from two digitally controlled oscillators (DCOs) with 7 waveforms that can be modulated in a quite unique way creating lots of other waveforms. One of the DCOs can be synced to the other (sync slave mode). The DCOs are mixed (with optional distortion) through one or two digital filters. The arpeggio speed, the filter(s) and almost all the parameters of each DCOs (such as waveform number) can be controlled in realtime by a range of MIDI controllers or internal sources including the output of each DCO and the two envelopes. Both envelopes can loop, thus functioning as LFOs.

Here will also be a short description of the LEDs, the use of the LCD and buttons, the contrast pot meter, the power switch and the in- and outputs at the back of the unit.